Darjeeling is a flavorful district, internationally known and famous for its tea industry. This hill town is on a lower range of altitude in comparison to the others in the Himalaya, which allows the residents and visitors to escape the immense summer heat of the plains. This placement allows all of Darjeeling’s occupants to experience the area to its fullest, getting the best mixture of soothing temperatures possible.


Due to the excellent weather conditions, these tantalizingly delicious tea blends were able to find great success. Coming from the well-experienced growers of Darjeeling, with plantations dating back to the mid 19th century, the highly savored blends found here have been considered among the worlds finest. The immense history of Darjeeling is intertwined around the tea plantations, leading to the development of several tea estates around town.


The distinct and highly respected, world renowned teas are available to buy across Darjeeling, offering a great experience for yourself and your nose: stop by to support the local tea gardens, and don’t forget to smell the fresh, inviting scents surrounding you!


Nature enthusiasts will find Darjeeling reaches all their requirements, with a variety of trek and trail options, allowing the enticing breeze to release feelings of peacefulness. Those looking for a relaxing getaway from the hot plains will also be more than satisfied, taking in the cultural diversity and beautiful sights around them.


This hearty, holistic town will leave you in a state of pure wholesomeness. Enjoy Darjeeling’s pure essence today.