Tea Plantations

The Darjeeling tea estates, such as the world renowned Happy Valley Tea Plantation, are the biggest attractions in the entire West Bengal. Not only do any tourists visiting Darjeeling make it a point to schedule a wonderful field day exploring the scents, sights, flavors and history of the tea estates, but people come from across all oceans to discover the industry that so many are passionate about.

Tea represents Darjeeling’s naturalistic, holistic environment, and is also a major passion of many people, holding healing and meditative effects. The superior quality of teas produced from Darjeeling’s list of tea estates has the ability to bring people together.

Thriving since 1852, the teas created here have drawn the attention of millions of people each year. This amazing attraction allows you to have a true interactive experience by picking your very own teas and sipping the fresh flavors, the way it is meant to be enjoyed – directly from the plants themselves. The flavors of Darjeeling Tea differ from season to season. Surprise your taste buds, and with whichever flavor appeals to you, you’re guaranteed a replenishing, energizing experience!